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We will formulate and test working hypotheses, for example, regarding development of biofilms, spatial structure "architecture"existence of steady states, and the determining factors for biofilm function as well as adhesion and detachment.

Interdisciplinary Graduate School

Credit — student to fulfill and pass the course requirement. It also provides flexibility in alternating, or blending, full-time and part-time study and work. To my knowledge, the average salary of MFE graduates is pretty good.

These elements are designed to enhance your learning. They will have your products delivered to your dormitory. They equip students with the skills required to advance knowledge, and human progress. Specialist Certificate in Supply Chain Management This advanced certification program in Supply Chain Management introduces students to the concepts of supply chain management, the key processes in the supply chain such as the manufacturing and distribution, the drivers of supply chain and their trade-off to achieve strategic fit.

No assessment and exam. These are also used as electrode materials for energy storage such as Li-ion Redox flow batteries, etc.

So it is really convenient. Course 3 will be available for admission application to the January intake. Classes usually commence with at least 10 enrolled students.

More detail of these exams and the thesis defense can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook. This robust growth presents great opportunities for mechanical engineers, who are very highly sought after in such industries, where knowledge, practicality, versatility and creativity are paramount.

Familiarise the students with the approaches used to study biofilms 3. The more advanced modules will cover the kinematics and dynamics of more complex robotic systems such as manipulators.

Internationally Recognised The Singapore CA Qualification is designed to be globally recognised and internationally portable.

They must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the government funding: Courses 1 will be available for admission application to the August intake. Generation and Transmission Planning. Only certificate of Participation issued. Process modelling and simulation.

School of Materials Science and Engineering

If you read the maximum permitted study load every semester, you can complete a basic undergraduate degree programme in 3 years, or an honours degree in 4 years. EMI properties of passive components. Hence, a SC student must be eligible for the Government Subsidised courses in order to be eligible for the enhanced subsidy.

In some dissertation or project-based courses, the continuous assessment component could comprise progress reports or project proposals which will form the basis of your final report or dissertation.

The duration for completion is generally 12 months for the graduate diploma, and 24 months for the Master's programmes. First, the students will learn various approaches to perform analyses to assess energy efficiency of buildings.

And the last thing: Seminal articles will also be provided for self-studing and discussion. All admission documents must be received and processed before selection committee review.

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Continuous Assessment Component Depending on the discipline, the continuous assessment component may include written assignments such as dissertations, case study analyses, essays as well as laboratory reports and research projects completed either individually or in groups.

The topics will include materials science, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and fluid mechanics. Coursework Programmes: Fees. Tuition Fees. To view the tuition fees per annum for Academic Year / for government-subsidised graduate coursework programmes, please refer more information, please refer to the Registrar's Office website.

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For Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Resident students, the fee amounts quoted here are subsidised by the Singapore. Unlike undergraduate education, most graduate programmes are designed to be largely self-funding, with little or no subsidy from the Government of Singapore.

Nonetheless, at present, all graduate research programmes and some graduate coursework programmes remain subsidised to a significant extent.

Home Programmes School of Professional Education Preparatory Course for Singapore CA Qualification Programmes Preparatory Course for Singapore CA Qualification Programme The Singapore Chartered Accountant designation is a mark of professional excellence.

Coursework Programmes Aimed at working professionals, our coursework programmes are designed for university graduates who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in their chosen fields of specialisation.

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) offers government-funded, full-time direct honours programme for school leavers. A full-time degree can normally be completed in 4 years although the maximum period of candidature is 6 years.

The substantial tuition subsidy from the Government of Singapore comes in the form of a MOE Subsidy which is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is offered to all admitted students up to the maximum programme duration.

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