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For example, a caterpillar is the larval stage of a butterfly or moth.

Convergent boundary

Organisms within a family share a close similarity; for example, the cat family, Felidae, which includes lions and domestic cats. Jason Morgan explained such topographic features as the result of hotspots. An ancestor-descendant sequence of 1 populations, 2 cells, or 3 genes.

This buildup of stress may be suddenly released in the form of an earthquake. A group of marine invertebrates with exoskeletons and several pairs of legs.

Because the partial melt is basaltic in composition, the new crust is oceanic, and an ocean ridge develops along the site of the former continental rift.

Students build sea floor models showing ages of the rock combined with a written assignment explaining sea floor spread to parents.

The life span of the oceanic crust is prolonged by its rigidity, but eventually this resistance is overcome. Island arcs When the downward-moving slab reaches a depth of about km 60 milesit gets sufficiently warm to drive off its most volatile components, thereby stimulating partial melting of mantle in the plate above the subduction zone known as the mantle wedge.

The most recent ancestral form or species from which two different species evolved. Fermentation is involved in bread making, where the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast causes dough to rise. Because most carbon will have decayed after 50, years, the carbon isotope ratio is mainly useful for dating fossils and artifacts younger than this.

The historically influential but factually erroneous theory that organisms contain a blend of their parents' hereditary factors and pass that blend on to their offspring.

A paleoanthropologist who, while doing field work in Ethiopia for his doctoral dissertation at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, a bipedal hominid dated at 5.

The northward migration of India led to collision with Asia some 40 million years ago.

Colorado Geology Photojournals

They provide a valuable natural laboratory for studying the composition and character of the oceanic crust and the mechanisms of their emplacement and preservation on land.

A 19th-century scientist considered a father of modern geology. Over the past 70 million years the subduction of the Neo-Tethys Seaa wedge-shaped body of water that was located between Gondwana and Laurasialed to the accretion of terranes along the margins of Laurasia, followed by continental collisions beginning about 30 million years ago between Africa and Europe and between India and Asia.

The amphibians evolved in the Devonian period about million years ago as the first vertebrates to occupy the land. The method of distinguishing entities according to their motility in an electric field.

The order of events according to time. Application of this theorem permits the mathematical reconstruction of past plate configurations. They are active in the early stages of embryonic development of organisms.

The initial stages in the growth of a seed to form a seedling. The process during meiosis in which the chromosome of a diploid pair exchange genetic material, visible in the light microscope.

Major features of California geology, including the Channel Islands, are the result of plate tectonics. The team then twisted the olivine-melt mixture under high temperatures and high pressure to determine the influence of melt on the alignment of olivine crystals.

After the head to tail pattern is established, homeotic genes direct the developmental fates of particular groups of cells. An object made by humans that has been preserved and can be studied to learn about a particular time period. His research interests include the evolution of consciousness and perceptions of beauty.

The third session focuses on relative density through a student exploration of building models with different densities. The crustal root undergoes metamorphic reactions that result in a significant increase in density and may cause the root to also founder into the mantle.

Volcanic appendages like seamountssubmarine basaltic plateaus and aseismic ridges can thicken Layer 1 by several kilometers. The book looks at the effects of insecticides and pesticides on songbird populations throughout the United States.

Over successive breeding seasons, younger subordinate males tend to gradually displace older individuals from the most desirable territories and become dominant themselves. Geoscientists have made great use of the remanent magnetization of the ocean floor by cross-referencing its patterns against a hard-won timetable of geomagnetic field reversals.


Plate tectonics

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Grade 6 Earth Science Plate Tectonics Written By: Kim Castagna Jennifer Foster Meagan Callahan Tracy Schifferns Jean Rogers-O'Reilly Summer Bray With input from: Barbara Barr Developed in Conjunction with K Alliance/WestEd All 6th Grade Earth Science Plate Tectonics Lessons and Literature can be Downloaded here.

The data page contains additional geological datasets relating to plate tectonics. The USGS hosts numerous files relating to earthquakes and plate tectonics on this data page. All GIS data. Scientists now have a fairly good understanding of how the plates move and how such movements relate to earthquake activity.

Most movement occurs along narrow zones between plates where the results of plate-tectonic forces are most evident. This page is authored by Laurel Goodell, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University. Students learn how to use Google Earth and become familiar with the some of the important data on which the theory of plate tectonics is based, and how long-term average plate motions are determined.

Tectonics of the Haitian earthquake

As a. The Himalayan mountain range dramatically demonstrates one of the most visible and spectacular consequences of plate tectonics. When two continents meet head-on, neither is subducted because the continental rocks are relatively light and, like two colliding icebergs, resist downward motion.

Space-geodetic data have already confirmed that.

Plate tectonics and data page
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